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I’ve been back in the coding seat for the last couple of days. Cleaning up the current version ready to throw onto beta. As I said before the plan is to get it into beta as soon as possible. It isn’t complete – but I want to test out the big changes I’ve made and introduce more big changes during the beta.

To add to the confusion, here’s the current changelog – translated to german and then back, all on one line, with alternate caps.

UPdAtEd mEnU ScReEn PHX MOdEl PAcK UpDaTe HTTP CoNnEcTiOn tO CrAsH FiXeD PhYsIcAl pEnEtRaTiOn oF ThE WaRnInG FoR PeOpLe wItH DiSaBiLiTiEs CHaNgE ThE MaP IcOn PNG iMaGe USiNg tHe wRoNg gIbS FiXeD HL1 NPC SoLiD GrUnT FeCeS HL1 GUI NoW UsEs GWEN SkIn THe eRrOr, LaCk oF VoIcE WaDe FIxEd mIsSiNg sOuNdS CrOsSbOw NOtE ThE CoNsTrUcTiOn oF NeW SpAwNiCoN PaNeL UpDaTeD SpAwNiCoN SyStEm sPaWnIcOnS FiXeD BrOkEn lIpS In THe eRrOr oUt oF ThE WoOdS NeW TEXT ENTRY: CuTSElEcTeD () NEw TEXT ENTRY: COpYSElEcTeD () NEw TEXT ENTRY: PAsTe () NeW TEXT ENTRY: UnDo () NeW TEXT ENTRY: SaVeUnDoStAtE () (B) tO AdD HTML: SeTSCrOlL BaRs aBlEd (B) tO AdD HTML: SeTCOnTeXtMeNuEnAbLeD (B) To aDd HTML: SEtViEwSoUrCeEnAbLeD ThE NeW HTML: GeTHTMLSIzE () THe nEw HTML: GEtHTMLScRoLl () AdD HTML: SeTHTMLSCrOlL (X, Y) ADd HTML: SEtHTMLSiZe (W, H) AdD MeNu: IsInGaMe () AdD VGUI DHTML cOnTrOl ADd DPaNeLOVeRlAy VGUI CoNtRoL AdD-PaNeL: GEtChIlDrEn () AdD-PaNeL: PAiNtAt (X, Y) InCrEaSe sUrFaCe.SEtAlPhAMUlTiPlIeR (0-1) NeW VgUi.GEtHoVeReDPAnEl () NeW De bOx NEw ñ dE DrAg & DRoP NeW DPAnElLiSt: SeTSOrTaBlE (b) NeW DPAnElLiSt: SeTANiMTImE (F) NeW DPAnElLiSt: SeTANiMEAsE (F) NeW TaBlE.ReMoVeByVaLuE (TBL, VAL) PAnEl: OnChIlDREmOvEd () CaLlBaCk ADd-PAnEl: DrAgHoVeRCLiCk () NeW DTReENOdE: aDdFoLdEr (ThEn sTrNaMe, StRFOlDeR, bShOwFiLeS, sTrWiLdCaRd, BDOnTFOrCeExPaNdAbLe) NeW DtReE: ONNOdESElEcTeD (kNoTs) NeW DLAbElEdItAbLe NEw DPaNeLLIsT: iNsErTBEfOrE (PReViOuSlY PNL) NEw DPaNeLLIsT: iNsErT AfTeR (PReViOuSlY PNL) NEw DDrAw cOnTrOl ADd-PAnEl: OnDeLeTiOn () HoOk NEw iNpUt.ISSHiFtDoWn () NeW InPuT.IsCoNtRoLDOwN () ADd GRoUp: StOp () (sToP AlL AnImAtEd dEaD) ADd pAnEl: QuEuE () (AdDeD An aNiMaTiOn qUeUe pOiNtS) ADd-PAnEl: AnImTaIl () (gIvEs tHe sYsTeM TiMe, ThE FiNaL AnImAtIoN StOpS) ADd pAnEl: DiStAnCe (PNL) NEw rEnDeR.OvErRiDeDePtHENaBlE (bEnAbLe, BdEpTh) NeW PaNeL: sLiDeUp (F) NEw pAnEl: SlIdE DoWn (F) ADd DTrEeNoDe tHe GEtNaMe () NeW UnIt: ReMoVeAlLDEcAlS () THe pRiMaRy dLaBeL SeTTExTCOlOr JBuTtOn fIxEd sEt ADd-PAnEl: HaSHIeRaRcHiCaLFOcUs () FiXeD SuRfAcE.DrAwTeXtUrEdReCtUV ADd IMaTeRiAl: GeTCOlOr (X, Y) (PNG oNlY) NEw ITeXtUrE: GEtCoLoR (X, Y) (OnLy aPpLiEs tO PNG) PAnEl wIdTh + hEiGhT NoW PaInT HoOkS KeYVAlUeS ??ToTaBlE CoRrEtLy lOaD KeYs iNtO ThE ApPrOpRiAtE CiRcUmStAnCeS PhYsObJeCt dElEtE () TAbLeToKeYVAlUeS ??NoW AlMoSt 162 tImEs NEw EMiTSEnTeNcE (sTrSeNtEnCe, VeCPOs, IENT, ICHaNnEl, FVOl, ISOuNdLeVeL, iFlAgS, iPiTcH) NEw EMiTSOuNd (StRSOuNd, VeCPOs, IENT, ICHaNnEl, FVOl, ISOuNdLeVeL, iFlAgS, iPiTcH) GEtPrEfErReDCArRyAnGlEs dUe tO ThE PhYsIcAl eNtItY CaLlEd bAsE NeW PaNeL AdDCHiLd (StRPAnElClAsS) ADd pAnEl: COPY BASE () NEw PAnEl: IsChIlD (pPaNeL) NEw PAnEl: InVaLiDaTeChIlDrEn (BREcUrSe) NeW DICoNLAyOuT NeW DICoNBRoWsEr CAn nOw bE SwItChEd oN JBUtToN AdD BuTtOn: DoDoUbLeClIcK CoNsOlE CoMmAnD ArGs vArIaBlE WiLl DElEtE DSYsBuTtOn ADd MAtErIaL: SEtMaTeRiAlUnDeFiNeD NeW MsGC (CoLoR, STR, … …) NEw gUi.sGaMeUIViSiBlE () NEw gUi.ISCOnSoLeViSiBlE () ADd-PAnEl: GeTFOnT () NEw UNiT: GEtNoDrAw () PaNeL: SIzETOCHiLdReN NoW UsEd tO FiLl iN ThE CoRrEcT AcCoUnT AdD TaGs: GeTTExTSIzE AdD TaGs: GeTTExTINsEt ADd-PAnEl: HaSHIeRaRcHiCaLFOcUs ()


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