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I spent fucking ages coding a whole cloud workflow to process videos on Azure Media Services. Like, a week or something, making it so when you uploaded a video it got turned into a thumbnail, a thumbnail video, and 3 different sized of video, then uploaded to our CDN. 

I was really happy to get it working, I was really happy that I could press a button and re-process 300 videos within a few minutes.

Then literally a month after I finished, I got this email
Oh nice one. So all I did was made the videos get processed with FFMpegCore, and although it was slower.. it works and is a much more fool proof system.
FFMpegArguments args = FFMpegArguments.FromUrlInput( new Uri( url ) );

var output = args.OutputToFile( tempFile, false, options =>
		.WithDuration( maxDuration )
		.WithVideoCodec( VideoCodec.LibX264 )
		.WithVideoBitrate( bitrate )
		.WithFramerate( frameRate )
		.WithConstantRateFactor( crf )
		.WithSpeedPreset( Speed.Fast )
} );

await output.ProcessAsynchronously();
I was hesitant to do this because it's processing as an Azure function, so the hardware is really low power.. but for now it works. 

If it gets to be a problem in the future we can probably make a server in the office to work its way through a video processing queue.
Matias Barros
Sunday, July 14, 2024
I hate cloud services so much for this kind of crap

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