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What direction do you ultimately want Dust to go in? Gah, RUST. I mean’t Rust.

We really don’t know. We have a bunch of ideas we want to try. Zombies are done โ€“ we are sick of zombies.. so we wanna get rid of those and add other NPCs. We also want to add building elements and stuff. Really โ€“ it’s just an experiment, and we’re gonna see where it leads.

What brought you into programming? What was your first computer? What was your first ‘application’ you ever created?

I think I’d played all the games on our Sinclair Spectrum, so started reading the manual and exploring the menu. I’m curious by nature โ€“ so if there’s a menu option I’m gonna have to look at what it does. My first application that I can think of was called quick flicks or something. It flashed the screen and a circle slowly drew itself over the screen. I didn’t know what I was doing really, but I managed to save it to a tape so I could load it at any time. I was about 10 I think.


Do u ever get noticed jn public or have crazy ass fans.

Nope! Never been recognised in public. I have had weird stuff left at my front door โ€“ like flowers and stuff. But nothing really really insanely crazy since the Andy stuff in 2009.

do you look at your poop after you’re done pooping?

No, I’m pretty lazy, I wipe and flush without getting off the toilet.

What’s next for Garry’s mod?

Hopefully we’re gonna get the Linux version out. Then hopefully we’ll move to SteamPipe, and I’ll get the NextBot stuff hooked up.. then I want to do another Gamemode Contest. But I want to knock out a bunch of gamemode creating tutorials first to help people get their foot in the door.

How much money have u made from gmod if u dnt wanna be specific r u atleast a millionaire

Over 7 years GMod has made about 22 million dollars. We get less than half of that though. Then the tax man gets a bunch of that. Then when we take money out of the company the tax man gets a bunch of that too.

Besides Rust and Garry’s Mod, what is Facepunch Studios LTD working on?

We are starting work on a new PC game. It’s a game I’ve wanted to start work on for ages. I’m trying to get a team together in office to build it this time.. I don’t really want to talk about it until we’ve got something more solid though.

Can you see a future for apple in the mobile space, or will the iphone go out of fashion some day?

I think Apple would really have to fuck up to lose their position right now.

Wat does ur family think of gmod

They know of it โ€“ and they tell me when they’re browsing youtube and they see Gmod on there.. but I don’t think they’ve ever played it.

Will you make playable TF2 character skins? I would love to see them ??

It’s something I’ve talked about with max โ€“ but he reckons it’s pretty much impossible

Do you see linux support for gmod happening in the short term or the long term? Or not at all?

Yeah it’s definitely gonna happen. I’m just waiting on Awesomium to release their Linux version so I can ship!

does ur girlfriend understand garrys mod and what it is?

I think so. She hates how much time I spend on it though. She’s a yoko.

blocco is a shit hole agreeed?

I don’t think the place itself is a shit hole. There’s a lot of people that seem like they’ve given up all hope.

Will export to hammer ever come back? If not, Why?

I did add Lua bindings that let people do this โ€“ but no-one has. I’ll make an addon for it one day.

How many steam friend invitations do you receive on a daily basis?

I’d say about 10.

Do you like your community at Facepunch?

Which one? There’s like 20 different sub communities.

The question I have is are you still planning to implement native shader support into garrysmod, the most recent talk of this that I can remember was between you and Tobba in his thread.

Tobba’s shader system worked but it wasn’t really possible to do anything complicated with it as far as I could see.


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