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Lose More Weight

I did good in 2012 with my weight loss, going from ~186 lbs to ~166 lbs. I’m going to be looking to reach 150lbs by the end of 2013.

Increase the Bus Factor

The bus factor of Facepunch right now is 1. If I died so would Facepunch. Over 2013 I’m going to attempt to hire the best game developers I can find to increase that number, and hopefully pump out some awesome PC games.

As much as I’ll miss it and this could all fuck up.. I feel that these are the kind of risks I should be taking.

Play More Games

I have played some games this year.. Hotline Miami, Max Payne 3. I picked up the latest COD game and didn’t even play the single player. I hit Battlefield quite hard for a bit. But generally I haven’t played enough. It makes me feel guilty. How can a game developer not play games.

My problem is that I get that much enjoyment from coding that when I think of playing a game it feels like work, I’d much rather be balls deep in Visual Studio instead. But I feel that 90{a1da5f31666ba9e4b613f74c475fa44930e0dd96d95a00cdfc356ce4f15804bc} of this problem is me being dismissive of the games ability to entertain me – because I’ve played so many shit games.

So I will try to be more open minded and play more games.

Go to a proper conference

I would like to go to a game conference this year. Something developery. I think I’m a bit dismissive of conferences in general because they always seem like an excuse for everyone to have a few days off work and get drunk together, and I don’t see what I’d get out of it. We could set up a GMod stand and have people come and play it – but it seems kind of like it wouldn’t be worth the effort.

But yeah, that’s me being super cynical. So I’ll try not to be, and it could be fun.

Enter Ludum Dare

Something that I’m always jealous of when I see people posting their WIP for it. I’d like to take part!


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